We are committed to serving the broader community as a source of support and education about alcohol use disorder and other addictions. As part of that commitment, we routinely host events, work with the community and publish reliable and timely information related to addiction, recovery, relapse, prevention and family services.

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Healing Scars…

– Rusty, Pavillon Alumni Looking at my aging hands and arms I was noticing my many scars. Scars. They are memories of the process of healing. We all have them. Some of our scars come from games played in our youth, accidents, medical conditions, surgeries, and wars. Some are etched in our minds and hearts from the traumas, abuse, hurts, … Continued

Consequences In The Wake…

– Michael, Pavillon Alumni I’m probably not going to get any better until I stop being angry. — Mason M. While on a brief summer holiday with my family on Lake Tuscaloosa, AL—in, literally, the blink of an eye—my foreseeable life changed in a major way. One minute I’m happily gliding across the glassy surface … Continued

Who Could Ask For More…

– Sandy J., Pavillon Finance & Admissions As many of you know, I have been with Pavillon for almost 18 years, and I have had the privilege of witnessing real recovery firsthand. As I am not in recovery, I didn’t understand what that truly meant when I started here. Over the years, this amazing program, … Continued

White Knuckle Sobriety…

– Dennie Kuppinger, MS, LPC, CACII My grandfather got sober the old fashion way—a cast iron skillet up the side of the head (no not really) but these words from my grandmother felt like it. “You drink again you son of a biscuit, I’ll kill you.” She used the basic southern style intervention technique after … Continued

The Holidays

-Chris Cox, STM, LPC, LAC, NCC, MAC, Fellow AAPC, Family Program Coordinator Ah yes, the Holidays. The time of year that is supposed to be a one of joy, celebration, spending time with family and friends. When Sherry thinks of the Holiday seasons from her childhood, she gets a knot in the pit of her … Continued

About the Family Program

Dear Pavillon, My husband and I attended the Family Program in October, 2018. This event could not have been better: it was informative, relaxed, considerate and led by the dynamic duo of Pete and Lindy. Our group quickly bonded and we were able to trust and question each other. In my opinion, the group sharing … Continued

An Open Letter

-Mariel S. “Recovery is an ongoing process, for both the addict and his or her family. In recovery, there is hope. And hope is a wonderful thing.” ~ Dean Dauphinais Hello, This is an open letter to anyone thinking about seeking help for substance use disorders. Maybe you’ve been here before. Maybe you haven’t. What … Continued

Keeping it simple…

-Katie, Pavillon Alumni First things first: my name is Katie and I’m in recovery. My life is full, joyful, manageable, and TOTALLY imperfect. It’s 10:00am and the bed isn’t made. I haven’t unpacked from my weekend trip to the beach. I haven’t mailed that Thank You note to my Godmother. Told my folks I’d visit … Continued

Young Women’s Program

-Amy Lancaster, LCSWA, LCAS Pavillon is pleased to announce that we have developed a young women’s program, specialized to effectively engage women who are between 18 and 26 years old. We have always served young women within our milieu, but now we have the capacity to alter programming to cater to the specific needs of … Continued


-Michael, Pavillon Alumni “To be indifferent…isn’t just to be ignorant; it’s to be rude. And ingratitude is a shabby failing.” ~David McCullough One of the most noticeable and wonderful aspects of being clean and sober is to be finally liberated from the chains of indifference. At first glance, this rude ignorance—also known as apathy—appears to … Continued