Whether you’re a family member or the person suffering from addiction, we understand that picking up the phone to seek help, find comfort and just ask a few questions is difficult. While we encourage you to make that confidential call, you may first want to get a little more information on your own.

There are many questions answered on our FAQ page, too—questions that address addiction, treatment and recovery.

We also encourage you to attend an AA or NA meeting. Find a meeting in your community.

Please Don’t Wait

Whether you connect with us today or choose another treatment center, please don’t delay getting help for yourself or the person you care about. Every moment is critical in the dangerous cycle of addiction, and tomorrow may be too late.

To begin your journey, call 828-694-2300.

You can also reach out using our easy online form

Either way, you can be assured of complete confidentiality and reliable, truly helpful information. There is no obligation or expectation. We just want to help. Day or night, please make contact. 

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