Hope and Healing for Family Members

Are you having a hard time with a loved one who is experiencing problems with substance use?  Are you struggling to stay well and be your best version of yourself, while someone close to you is using alcohol or other chemicals?  Do you have a hard time maintaining healthy boundaries?


Attending the Pavillon Family Program is open to anyone, even if they never have a family member come to Pavillon as a patient.


Even counselors and mental health professionals come through our Family Program at times, not just for Continuing Education credits but to get a new insight from the experience of the family member point of view.


Going through the Family Program can help someone spot:

  • Generational patterns and how they are passed down
  • What makes them feel triggered or supported in their day-to-day life
  • Patterns of co-dependency
  • New changes they can make and apply to their relationships for a more fulfilled life


Often, people in society don’t recognize the stigma a person who uses substances experiences.  Even more often the stigma a family member or friend experiences is overlooked.  Our Family Program addresses the topic of stigma by: providing an important start to education, identifying steps to begin family recovery, and discussing actions that can break the cycle of shame.


Topics covered in our Family Program include:

  • Criteria for substance use disorder
  • Communication and sharing feelings
  • Grief and shame
  • Setting boundaries
  • Asking for help
  • The continuum of care
  • Living the 12 steps
  • Talking and not judging or feeling judged


If you want to start a process of personal hope and healing around being impacted by someone’s substance use, consider attending our Family Program.  It might be right for you.  There is power in the shared experience of the group and knowing you don’t have to walk alone.


Attending Family Program is virtual using Zoom, and is easy. It’s scheduled every other week all year ‘round, Friday morning through Sunday morning.