For many, recovery from addiction is a long, personal and often painful journey. It takes courage to make the powerful decision to change directions – to step toward a life of recovery and to stay on the path to healthy living. After having made the difficult and courageous decision to ask for help, it can be devastating to learn that you may not have the necessary financial resources to access the necessary medical care.

By supporting access to addiction treatment services, you will:

  • Provide services to individuals and their families who may not otherwise be able to attend Pavillon
  • Empower individuals to take control of their lives by attending a full residential  treatment program
  • Rebuild lives and relationships through comprehensive and effective treatment to develop new skills, attitudes and directions
Path symbolizing the Path to Recovery

Emerging Adults Program

Pavillon’s Emerging Adults Program focuses on the unique and changing needs of young adults seeking treatment for addiction and alcoholism. The increased awareness of the needs of this younger generation of 18-28 year olds lead Pavillon to implement a specialized program designed to effectively engage this particular group. The program meets the needs of patients who are not fully independent yet not completely dependent on anyone else.  

Some of the issues addressed are relatively timeless like developing an identity, social responsibilities, forming healthy relationships, developing impulse control, family problems, etc. However, some of these issues are relative to our time like managing social media, the stresses of student debt, the opiate crisis, viewing young adult development as a pathological process, etc.

Legacy Bricks:  Gifts That Keep on Giving

Honor your recovery journey with a legacy brick. Bricks are placed in the beautifully sanctioned Alumni Garden, a special winding tribute which honors the path many of us have taken to get where we are today and ends at the front doors of the Alumni House: a house dedicated to individuals who are now a special part of the Pavillon family. Special acknowledgment cards will be sent to those you have honored with your donation.

  • Support your loved ones in their new life of recovery and celebrate their victories.
  • Memorialize those who may have lost their struggle with the disease of addiction.
  • Thank your loved ones, sponsors, or someone you’ve always admired in a lasting way.
8″ by 4″ by 2¼” 1-3 lines of engraving (18 to 20 spaces/line) $100
8″ by 8″ by 2¼” 1-6 lines of engraving (18 to 20 spaces/line) $200
12″ by 12″ by 2¼” 1-8 lines of engraving (18 to 20 spaces/line) $300
4’ by 4’ Each 4’ paver inscribed with one of the 12 steps $2000

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For more information about development and giving opportunities at Pavillon, contact Trudy Avery,