Lasting recovery begins with longer treatment:

Why Pavillon’s 6 Week Program Sets a Solid Foundation for Sobriety

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91% of residential patients reported remaining in recovery after 12 months.

Pavillon is ready to lift the burden you’ve
been carrying for too long.

We will take care of you or your loved one struggling with drugs or alcohol while also giving you the freedom required to live your everyday life again. We believe in giving you the best possible chance at long-term recovery. That’s why we provide a more extended treatment plan of 6 weeks, designed for lasting recovery and actual results.

We know you are tired.
We understand the exhaustion you’re feeling from dealing with this illness, broken promises, and despair. Regardless of the personal and/or family dynamics and chaos you might be facing, healing is possible for you or your loved one and the family.

Why 6 Weeks is Key to Lasting Recovery.

Long-term recovery requires more than willpower. It requires time and focused treatment. Patients stay at Pavillon for 6 weeks — up to 2 weeks longer than many programs – to receive 41 days of focused treatment. Research has shown that longer treatment stays are associated with more successful recovery.

Our 6-week program provides the perfect amount of time to not only detox the body but also begin cognitive clearing. During this time, the body learns how to live without substances. Only then can the healing begin.

Healing isn’t easy, it:

• requires a structured, caring, and supportive environment
• includes learning how to live without drugs or alcohol
• requires discovering the joy of a new lifestyle, new life perspective
• is a way of relating to others in a healthy way

Families are included in this healing process as they participate in our Family Program and work with our counselors. We will help families understand how they can help loved ones in a healthy and supportive way without also disrupting their own lives and dreams.

Treatment May be Covered by Insurance.

We accept Cigna and work with all insurance companies to get the best possible reimbursement for your treatment.

Our 6-week program is value driven with an all-inclusive rate with few exceptions. All sessions with our PhD Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Grief and Loss Counselor, Spiritual Director and Wellness Staff are in our inclusive rate.

Additional services of acupuncture, massage therapy and Family Program are included without fees.

Pavillon’s best-kept secret, a lifelong promise…once a person completes the 6-week treatment program, they are invited to return to the campus at any time for a day visit, an overnight stay or even a weekend retreat in the mountains AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! This option is available to our Alumni, as they are now part of the “Pavillon Family” for life after they are discharged.

You or Your Loved One Will be Safe and Sober.

From the moment of arrival, you or your family member will be treated with dignity and respect. We provide an initial medical exam upon arrival, and a safe, medically supervised detox if necessary. The actual program doesn’t begin until after the body has properly detoxed from the substances.

Two people holding hands

Rest Assured, You or Your Loved One Will be Supported and Cared For. 

Set in the lush mountains of Western North Carolina, Pavillon offers the opportunity to recover amidst the healing powers of nature. In clean, cozy bedrooms and with chef-prepared meals, Pavillon’s environment offers comfortable lifestyle amenities and a strong, experienced addiction recovery team you can trust.

The Family Will be Supported
and Informed.

The person suffering from addiction isn’t the only one who needs support. We know that families are often hopeless and out of resources to help their loved one. But that’s where we come in. For lasting recovery, family relationships and dynamics must also be healed. You, as the family, will be given the tools and information you need for a newfound hope and direction. 

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Do People Stay Sober When They Leave?

While there are no guarantees when it comes to addiction, we know what works and have the testimonials to share. Without a doubt, more prolonged, more profound programs are required for lasting recovery. This is what Pavillon is all about. We’ll help you or your loved one establish new roots for a life of sobriety.

While one of the few 6-week residential treatment programs in the nation, Pavillon boasts a history of long-term success.

For over 25 years, we’ve seen the difference that 6 weeks can make in the lives of our alumni and their families. For many, these 6 weeks of treatment is the first time they’ve been able to fully rest and trust in the healing of recovery and avoid relapses down the road.

Pavillon’s 6-Week Inpatient Program: Overview

Pavillon’s 6-week residential treatment program provides a supportive, patient-centered environment. We offer a custom approach tailored to gender, age, problems and needs. We treat co-occurring mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

The program includes, but is not limited to:

Medically supervised detox in our state-of-the-art Detox center

6 weeks of primary

People talking in a group

Education on the disease of addiction

A person walking up steps

12-step facilitation

Two people speaking

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Spiritual development and support

Mindfulness meditation, yoga, massage therapy and acupuncture

An outdoor scene

Gender-responsive treatment

A man cutting vegetables

Health and wellness programs

A group of people sitting in a circle

Individual and group therapy sessions

A person sitting on a bed

Grief and loss counseling

Two people talking

Recovery management and extensive
aftercare planning

A waterfall

Lifelong availability and access to Pavillon’s campus and staff



A Typical, Full-Day Program.

A typical day schedule in the residential treatment program is structured with various group therapies and individual sessions with a counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, spiritual advisor, education, and personal time for rest, reflection and outdoor activities.

• Focused group therapy

• Educational lectures

• Structured groups on relapse prevention,
coping skills and mental health needs

• AA and NA 12 step meetings

• Meetings with our alumni in an Alumni Panel

• Spirituality workshops and groups

• Journaling and 12 step groups

• Health and wellness groups focused
on yoga and exercise

• Recovery management including
Life After Pavillon groups

• Time for homework completion
including reading assigned books

• Outdoor recreation opportunities
including trail walking/hiking, and volleyball

• Family Program preparation and

• Meditation and mindfulness training

Extended Care Opportunities
are Available.

Completing the residential treatment program at Pavillon is an important first step on the road to recovery. After completing this phase, some people are encouraged to proceed to our on campus Extended Care Program which is an additional 6 weeks of treatment. Our Extended Care Program focuses on a deeper level of therapy with treatment designed to address core issues relative to treatment resistant recovery.

The Pavillon team will help you or your loved one decide the appropriate follow-up care and coordinate transition to other providers and/or programs that are the best continuing care options for you. The continuing care recommendation may include the option for our Extended Care Program or an intensive outpatient program.

Our team is here for you and your loved one as they begin a lifelong journey of recovery.

Peace of Mind with Strong
Alumni Community and Support

Whether they continue into extended care or go back home after residential treatment, our team is here for you and your loved one as they begin a lifelong journey of recovery. At Pavillon, patients are always a part of the alumni with plenty of opportunities to stay connected with people and give back to the community. We have strong Alumni Services with regular newsletters, texts, workshops, and service opportunities.

Enriching you or your loved one’s life with a 6-week residential program and the right support team makes all the difference. Give yourself or your loved one the time it requires to rise out of the depths of addiction and into the caring, supportive environment at Pavillon.

Lasting Recovery Begins at Pavillon

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