91% of residential patients that responded to our

survey reported remaining in recovery after 12 months.

At Pavillon we realize how important a successful referral is to you, your reputation and your patient’s recovery. That’s why we consider our care for your patient an extension of you and your care.

Pavillon’s programs, staff expertise and genuine interest in the patient’s recovery results in long-term patient recovery, uncommon in today’s quick-fix, substance disorder, pharma-centric, and revolving door/options.

6-week Residential Program: Our 6-week program provides the perfect amount of time to not only detox the body but also begin cognitive clearing. During this time, the body learns how to live without substances. Only then can the healing begin.

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98+% of Alumni would refer a family member or friend to Pavillon
91% of residential patients that responded to our survey reported remaining in recovery after 12 months



Our Other Programs Include:

  • Detox: If needed, we can safely detox you from alcohol or other substances in our medically supervised detox center. Read About Detox
  • Primary Treatment: Learn to see, recognize and understand your addiction. Then change direction, move toward a life of recovery and stay on the path to healthy living. Explore Primary Treatment
  • Women’s Program: Our women’s program focuses on healing relationships, self-care and support centered around the family system. Get Program Details
  • Men’s Program: Focuses on addressing concerns about and finding balance between recovery and education, work, career, partner relationship and family life. Learn About the Men’s Program
  • Young Men’s Program: Offers whole-person support for the specific barriers to recovery young people face, including social, family and developmental challenges. Find Out More
  • Professionals Program: Provides treatment for skilled and licensed professionals (medicine, law and more). Discover the Program
  • Extended Care: An added layer of treatment, extended care concentrates on critical relapse prevention tools. Learn About Extended Care
  • Family Program: Empowers families to understand the treatment approach for their loved ones and how to support an addicted family member without enabling them. Start Here
  • Outpatient Services: From managing alcohol or substance use disorders to developing spiritual strength to improving relationships, Pavillon’s outpatient care is effective and convenient. Find Outpatient Care