Hope and Healing: Alumni, Future Alumni, and Alumni Services

Have you ever felt like you needed a positive boost from others who could really relate?  Sometimes one way to get that is to reach out, and get around others.  Sometimes one way to get that is to lend a hand behind the scenes.  Sometimes one way to get that is to help someone who is really struggling, and be that help for that person.  In these and other ways, we all help each other.

You might not know that Pavillon alumni are alumni for life and can:

  • Book a return overnight visit on campus to our Alumni House at no cost
  • Find service opportunities with current patients or other alumni
  • Contribute behind the scenes with service work, financial donations, etc.
  • Reach out to Pavillon at any time

One powerful principle we see coming true every day is: “Helping helps the helper.”

What are some ways Pavillon alumni are already helping?  Some of those ways include:

  • Participating in the Life After Pavillon discussions where current patients talk through their plan for their first year after Pavillon
  • Volunteering to serve as an alumni contact in their home area for future patients returning home to that same area
  • Contributing part of their story in the weekly Moments series that comes out in the Alumni department emails every Sunday
  • Sharing their experience, strength, and hope in meetings with current patients

One powerful truth that has been shared is that as an alumni, you “…always have a piece of Pavillon available to you…” in person, virtually, or on campus.

What are some ways Pavillon and alumni stay connected?  Some of those ways include:

  • Daily alumni-led meetings each morning at 9:00am, Alumni panel meetings on Tuesday evenings, and an alumni-led women’s-only meeting each Wednesday
  • Pavillon staff running a Step Study for alumni on Saturday mornings
  • An alumni-led meeting each Sunday at 10:00am, and a Pavillon-led speaker meeting on Sunday evenings
  • Annual alumni reunions
  • Lifeline emails each Saturday that describe upcoming events, activities, available resources, and current service requests.

There are many other ways Alumni serve, and are served.  Regardless, every patient meets with Alumni Services prior to their exit.  In that meeting they receive a list of alumni in their home area, various recovery resources, and information with instructions about making connections, being a connection, and staying connected.