Our 6-week program provides time to begin clearing, healing, and make important changes while learning how to live free of substances. Learn to see, recognize, and understand your addiction then change direction, move toward a life of recovery, and stay on the path to healthy living. Our primary treatment program addresses concerns about, and finding balance between, recovery and education, and work or career with your primary partner, family life, and self-care. And we provide separate programs for men and women. The average time in Primary treatment is 34 days.

It takes courage to begin the process of recovery. Whether you’re just coming to terms with your addiction, working toward a deeper recovery, seeking relapse prevention or need help with recovery management, we’ll meet you where you are, and we’ll move forward together.

Your treatment will include individual counseling and group sessions with specialized clinicians. As you progress, your treatment plan will include in-depth lectures and focused group therapy, such as:

Counselling session
  • Working the 12 Steps in all aspects of life
  • Identifying and responding to triggers
  • Avoiding high-risk situations that can lead to relapse
  • Managing emotions and behaviors 
  • Connecting or reconnecting to spirituality

Regain Your Family Relationships

Rebuilding trust, communication and your family structure is crucial, because family members are a critical component to your successful recovery. In our family program, your loved ones can:

  • Learn more about the disease of addiction
  • Understand their role in the recovery process
  • Adopt techniques to care for themselves as they support you

Treating Your Co-Occurring Disorders

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar or personality disorders, you are not alone. We treat addiction and mental health disorders using an integrated approach informed by a complete assessment, individualized treatment plan and recovery support.

Guiding You Through Relapse Prevention and Recovery Management

Completing primary treatment is an important step towards recovery. The next step is learning how to deal with the stresses and challenges you will eventually face outside Pavillon. We will teach you how to live a full, satisfying and joyful life and offer you vital support that emphasizes:

  • Seeking and nurturing loving, healthy relationships
  • Balancing work and personal life
  • Enjoying healthy, sober leisure activities