When you imagine a life without alcohol or drugs, what do you see? Will you lose good friends? Feel isolated? What about your job or career? 

Making the decision to enter recovery can spark some very specific fears and concerns. As your journey progresses, sometimes the greatest challenge is finding balance between the tools of recovery and the magnified awareness of self. 

As you pursue this life-changing path, embracing transformation can be difficult, but that’s exactly what our men’s program is designed to address. We apply a whole-person approach to help you manage:

Group meeting for the Men's Program.
  • Changing priorities 
  • Concerns about education, career and relationships with your primary partner and family
  • The understanding and coping skills that allow you to receive support from your local recovery community after your residential stay 
  • The life lessons and messages received earlier in life, in order to help you find new perspectives and skills for the upcoming stages of sobriety
  • Socializing in the trusted relationships that provide recovery mentoring over time 

The men’s program at Pavillon addresses your mind, body and spirit to help you get and stay on the road to recovery.