Hope and Healing from Housekeeping!!!

Can you name the one department at Pavillon that patients and staff say they appreciate and value the most?  The one that supports and encourages?  The one that is the most positively infectious and lifts others?  The one recognized by all staff in all departments as the one that’s full of super-positive energy, love, compassion, and laughter?  The one that is a bright light of Pavillon?

That department is “Housekeeping”!

In the addiction counseling literature Bill White talks about his concept of the “Recovery Carrier.”  He describes a person, whether in personal addiction recovery or not, who exudes the spiritual essence and practical application of the program – even without trying to.  The Recovery Carrier…

  • is naturally infectious
  • naturally improves the atmosphere
  • naturally provides relief
  • naturally listens

The Recovery Carrier imparts the program of recovery by their unspoken attitude, by their words, and by their actions.  And by their very being.

When a Recovery Carrier walks into a room you can feel it.  And you notice you’re a bit better off because of them – without even realizing you needed a lift.

The addiction counseling literature talks about the overall vibe of a treatment program – how it acts and feels.  These are some ingredients that build a positive and therapeutic atmosphere:

  • The role model.
  • The encourager.
  • The one demonstrating love, compassion, laughter.
  • The one with a servant’s heart.
  • The one showing acts of service, being of service.
  • The one not only showing up, but also going above and beyond.

That really describes our Housekeeping staff.

Our Housekeeping staff leads by example by showing up for each other, coworkers, and patients while spreading gratitude and kindness.  But guess what?  It’s also true that “helping helps the helper”. The Housekeeping staff are living proof of that truth. So it’s no surprise their positivity is felt and talked about by everyone on our campus.

Who at Pavillon goes out of their way to plan the Haunted Hallway? The Easter Egg hunt?  Christmas gatherings?  Who remembers staff birthdays?  The list goes on.

Who helps carry the load by bringing comfort, relief, and lift – both emotional and physical?  Who makes sure people walk into a clean room, have that extra pillow, or extra blanket? Who notices early in the morning that someone could use some extra support today?

Who just makes you feel good about being at Pavillon?

That’s right!  “Housekeeping”!