When you or a family member is making the decision to get help, we are here to speak with you, and we can accept qualified admissions 7 days a week. The process includes a few steps. Each step is designed to get you or your loved one into the appropriate level of treatment as quickly as possible.

First is a general screening, during which we evaluate your individual substance use, mental health and medical condition. 

Admissions office at Pavillon Recovery Center

Next, our clinical and medical staff will review your individual case against our criteria for admission. If you meet the qualifying criteria, you can be admitted to Pavillon for care.

Other aspects of the admission process may include:

  • Tour of our campus and facility
  • Explanation of Pavillon’s treatment programs
  • Intervention coordination (if applicable)
  • Other referrals where appropriate

Our admissions department can provide you information about our costs and the insurance benefits process. For more on insurance and finance, visit our Financial page. 

As a non-profit entity, Pavillon relies on the compassionate generosity of donors to operate. Thanks to some alumni and their families, a limited amount of financial assistance may be available to those who meet the needs assessment criteria. To learn more about financial assistance, talk with our admissions staff.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy and Confidentiality

Pavillon’s commitment to each person’s privacy and confidentiality is ensured by our legal responsibility and mandated by Federal HIPAA regulations. Each staff member is dedicated to upholding these standards in all communications and records.

Admission Criteria for Substance Use Disorder Programs

DESIRE FOR RECOVERY: Patients should demonstrate willingness to participate and complete the 6-week program
AGE: Adults (18 and older)
GENDER: Gender-specific programming
APPLICANT: Individuals assessed as chemically dependent, addicted to alcohol/drugs, self-defeating behaviors and/or co-existing mental illness (dual diagnosis). Clients must be physically able to participate in all aspects of the treatment program
TREATMENT FOR: Alcohol, drug and other addictions and related disorders
MEDICAL: Upon entry, each patient will have a thorough history and physical examination. We may also request a release from the patient’s physician if there are any medical constraints to participating in our treatment. (Patients may request a Release of Information form from our Admissions Office)
EXCLUSIONARY CRITERIA: Severe psychiatric disorders, including psychosis and severe clinical depression, which may require hospitalization. Chronic predisposition to destructive, aggressive or violent behavior incompatible with a group living environment. Acute or chronic medical conditions requiring constant medical attention or hospital care