For many former Pavillon residents, the awakenings experienced, knowledge gained and friendships formed here become part of them. When you finish treatment, it may feel like a graduation. You leave behind former patterns of behavior to embrace a new way of living a rewarding life in recovery. Remaining connected to the principles and the people that sparked your transformation can make all the difference in your lasting recovery.

At first, the word “alumni” may conjure thoughts of graduating from a school or a class, but it is a common term used following treatment from addiction because it symbolizes a graduation of sorts—a leaving behind of former patterns of behavior and embracing a new way of living.

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Alumni Services sends out regular emails, newsletters and texts to keep you informed about recovery issues, retreats, workshops, service opportunities and other fun activities.

Contact Alumni Services directly via Email or call 828-694-2300

Treatment is an essential part in learning about the disease of addiction; it is the beginning of a lifelong journey. When you leave Pavillon to transition into everyday life, the real work of recovering begins.

Pavillon sees our Alumni as an extended family: as of today, we live and work in 44 states, Canada, South America, Bermuda and Belize. We travel the world. We enjoy community events. We pay it forward. We stay connected. And we do it all together. Among many other things, Pavillon’s Alumni Services:

  • Provides contact information for other alumni in your area. Such connections provide those new to recovery the strength, support and knowledge about local services and opportunities.
  • Invites you to return to campus and stay in the Alumni House – free of charge – to reenergize, reconnect, and reengage.
  • Encourages and supports local support groups where alumni check in with each other, volunteer at community events, engage in local activities or complete book studies to strengthen our recovery-related knowledge.
  • Offers free community workshops hosted by industry professionals discussing recovery-based topics like “The Power of Forgiveness,” “Creating Healthy Boundaries,” “Regaining Trust” and many, many others.
  • Enjoys local attractions like tubing down the Green River, going to the movies, go-karting, trampoline parks, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, lunching at the local food truck plaza, musical events, theater productions and so on.
  • Hosts a massive annual alumni reunion, where people from all over the U.S. converge on campus to make new friends and visit with others we haven’t seen in a while.
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