Family Visitation

Family visitation can be both a wonderful thing and an important opportunity. But how so?  And in what ways? Photo Credit:  Natalie Pedigo, Unsplash Well, family visitation can help start the process of normalizing both the new that is special and also the new that is every-day and mundane. Sometimes life is a little harder and … Continued

Family Recovery and the Holidays

Alcoholism and drug addiction rarely develop in social isolation. After all, people rarely exist in social isolation. In treatment settings we see the reality of the social embeddedness of this disease in the reactions of the patient and family members to the opportunity for change.  Change can be hard even when it’s desired. After all, … Continued

What wisdom results from 528 years of trying?

Each year around the time of our Alumni reunion we count up the total number of years of individual recovery that are represented among our staff. How many collective years of recovery do you guess the Pavillon staff have? And what good can be found in that collective wisdom? To start thinking about the value … Continued

Getting Started at a Beautiful Place

The Pavillon campus sits on just over 160 acres of natural and luxurious land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, about 45 minutes from Asheville. The campus contains a natural waterfall, a lake, walking trails around the lake, and trails through the woods. Those woods themselves contain a treeless … Continued

Self- Care Retreat on Burnout and Stress

One of the greatest health issues plaguing our society, identified by the World Health Organization as “the biggest health epidemic of the 21st century” is stress leading to burnout. It is believed to cost Americans up to $300 billion per year in healthcare costs, both personal and business. It impacts every part of your physical, … Continued

Alcohol use disorder: medicines can help?

Have you ever wondered if there are any medications that are not addictive, and can also help with an alcohol use disorder? Some of the most reliable, useful, and brief information sources for details of this kind, written for the public, are found at the: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) National Institute … Continued

Spiritual Simplicity From a 12 Step Perspective

Many who reach the jumping off point for recovery are at a loss as to how to get started.  For years they’ve tried to quit but were unable to.  Now that a crisis (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) has precipitated a desperate need to stop using, they feel alone and lost. If they are fortunate … Continued

Unplugging and Connecting

Part of the recovery process is learning about ourselves, re-starting our personal spirituality, and finding a spiritual higher power.  This is not always easy work and we would often much rather focus on something other than our inner work.  If the distraction of technology is available, it is easy to turn away from this challenging, … Continued


The idea of self-care may be a foreign concept for many. That is certainly true of MANY people in early recovery.  Often, we do not know our “self” very well yet and have no idea what “care” that self may need.  Others may think that someone else is supposed to take “care” of them or … Continued


Change can be good, or bad.  Change can be beautiful, or ugly.  Or in-between.  Or maybe even neither. Change can mean taking a break from action, so that we make the space to preserve the good. It seems like the universe exists in such a way that things at rest tend to fall apart, disorganize, … Continued