Pavillon, as a non-profit, was founded as a provider and employer of choice that gives back to the individuals and the families we serve, our employees and the community we are located in.

Pavillon gives back in six ways:

  1. Treatment and Education Scholarships
  2. Sponsors Community Events
  3. Donates Products
  4. Donates Staff Volunteer Time
  5. Collects Food and Clothing for Those in Need
  6. Monetary Contributions



Recent Examples of Community Impact

  • Scholarships for Individuals Who Need Financial Assistance for Pavillon Treatment
  • Sponsored #StandbymePolk (Polk County, NC mental health and substance misuse prevention event)
  • Sponsoring The Buzz Sober Bar (Henderson County’s first sober social bar & cafe)
  • Sponsored the Joyful Justice Run for Lawyers (Helping lawyers facing substance abuse and mental health.)
  • Donated Narcan  (Polk County Health Department)
  • Donated Children’s Physical Education Equipment and Refrigerator (Rutherford County DSS)
  • Annual Food and Clothing Drive (For those in need in Pavillon’s service area)
  • Pavilion Employees Volunteered at Veterans Healing Farm Event


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