Our young men’s program helps look at developing autonomy and having fun while also addressing life choices around topics like education, work/career, and where to live. The young men’s program also provides an introduction to the recovery community that is specific to young adults. We often work with community colleges, universities, and collegiate recovery programs in helping the student not have to trade an education for recovery.

We have all likely heard others say, “Trying alcohol or drugs is just what you do when you’re young, and then you outgrow it, right?” True enough for some, but when socializing turns into unhealthy use of drugs or alcohol, the consequences are life-altering for everyone involved. At Pavillon, we have the firsthand experience, proven treatment methods and ongoing support to guide your loved one onto a path of healing and sustained recovery.

Young Men on a Therapy Nature Walk


We Know What Young Men Are Facing

There can be major barriers to recovery for young men. They often begin with inability to take on social responsibilities or cultivate trusting relationships. Add into the mix dealing with family conflicts and managing social media, not to mention the stresses of academic performance or student debt. Now, throw in easy access to substances, and today’s young people can walk through multiple doorways to an alcohol or substance use disorder. 

Recognize the Signs

If you suspect your child, friend or family member has a substance or an alcohol use disorder, you may be noticing some specific behaviors that point to addiction, such as: 

  • Sudden or volatile mood swings
  • Glazed or bloodshot eyes
  • Confused or inconsistent behavior
  • Hostility, anger or irritation
  • Failing grades or decreasing interest in school or sports activities
  • Sudden changes in friendships/relationships
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Constantly asking for money or stealing money

Treatment That Covers Every Base

Our 6-week treatment program for young men focuses on the barriers to their recovery. With an interdisciplinary team dedicated to your family member, we help them tackle the root causes of addiction by teaching them how to deal with issues like social pressure or anger, make smarter choices and modify behavior. We provide: 

  • On-site detox, allowing for a continuation of care from intake to program start
  • 24-hour nurse care by a registered nurse
  • Addiction-medicine psychiatrist
  • Full-time spiritual care coordinator
  • Two PhD-level clinical psychologists
  • Individual therapists 

Research and Clinical Communities Agree: 

Consistent aftercare treatment is vital for success in early recovery from substance use disorders.

Preparing Them to Pursue Recovery

During your son’s stay, we will help create his continuing care plan to facilitate lasting recovery, including: 

  • Daily coping tools
  • Pavillon support services for you and your loved one
  • Support tailored to his needs and goals (educational, vocational, athletic, social) 

During early recovery, staying on track can be challenging, especially since sobriety can mean missing familiar social events or even losing friends. We are here to help your loved one cultivate passions, interests, meaning and life goals to strive for.