The family program can be attended by anyone with an interest in that program’s education and process related to understanding addiction illness, the family system in that context, and everyone’s personal well-being. Family program can be attended by anyone, even those that never have a family member in any level of care at Pavillon. Professionals working in our field often come through our Family Program for continuing education as well as to benefit themselves personally and professionally.

The fallout of addiction profoundly affects your loved ones and your entire family. 

In this sense, recovery is most effective when everyone in your family is involved in the process. This helps you all understand the dynamics of the disease and its path for treatment. 

When you don’t know how to deal with the disease, you or other family members can contribute to its progressive dysfunction. This is exactly why Pavillon has a long-standing philosophy of offering, and strongly encouraging, support and education for families of addicted individuals.

Additionally, your loved one’s behavior changes after treatment, which also affects your family. When you learn to properly support your family member, you can ease your own suffering and promote total family healing.

Our Purpose and Promise to You

Pavillon’s Family Program is in place to:

  • Educate families and mental health professionals about addiction and how it affects relationships
  • Empower your family to define your needs and initiate your recovery process
  • Help you learn how to support your loved one in truly helpful ways as he or she continues in recovery
  • Provide an understanding of the approach to treatment 
  • Rebuild relationships and develop new attitudes and directions

The Benefits of Our 3-Day Virtual Family Session

Together, you can:

  • Gain deeper knowledge of the disease and its impact
  • Learn about the approach to treatment as a path to recovery 
  • Explore family roles that enable dysfunction and other self-defeating patterns of behavior 
  • Gain tools to rebuild relationships and develop new attitudes and directions 

Getting Started

The 3-day Virtual Family Program runs every other week.

You will receive the Family Program invitation packet within 10 days of your loved one’s admission, containing the agenda and cost information.

If you have any questions about the Family Program or would like to register for the Family Program please contact our Family Program Coordinator at 828-694-2300, ext. 182.

Full participation on all 3 days is required.