When making the life-altering choice to pursue addiction treatment, you want to be sure the program is right for you or your family member. Here are some questions to ask before you commit. 

Does the program have:

1. Enough counselors and psychologists to provide individual attention?

Pavillon’s average patient-to-counselor ratio is 6:1. In addition to counselors, Pavillon staffs two full-time clinical psychologists (PhDs) who provide psychological evaluations, psychological testing (if needed) and individual care.

Asking Questions About Pavillon Treatment Center

2. A full-time spiritual care director?

Our full-time spiritual care director uses spiritual counseling to promote recovery. He also helps our treatment team understand each patient’s personal goals and needs in relation to spiritual wellness. 

3. A location conducive to good care and recovery, with minimal distractions of everyday life?

Pavillon is located on 160 acres in the foothills of the mountains of Western North Carolina. Our campus includes open space, hiking trails, walking areas and the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The cost of coming to our program is based on a daily room charge. At Pavillon, we have a team of staff across various disciplines (nursing, counseling, case management, medical, psychiatric and psychology). There are no added charges for the services of our team during treatment. 

Entering residential treatment is an investment for the person and the family. To help with the costs of coming to treatment we offer various types of financial assistance: 

  • We work with insurance companies to help maximize reimbursement for the cost of care
  • We have a scholarship program and financial aid for those who qualify 
  • We are supported by various donors to help people get the treatment they need
  • We provide access to possible loans to help provide assistance.

Pavillon is a not-for-profit organization: 501(c)(3). Pavillon is an independent organization and is not owned by an outside entity. This means Pavillon exists for the purpose of achieving its organizational mission: “To bring hope, healing and lasting recovery to individuals and families who suffer from alcoholism, drug addictions and related disorders.”