Some Extra Attention for Hope and Healing

When we’re driving our car and it starts making funny noises, or starts shaking pretty bad, we shouldn’t just keep going and never take the car in.

We take the car in and get it worked on to prevent something worse.

Taking the car in does require some time and effort.  But it takes a whole lot less time and effort than if we keep ignoring everything, and just keep driving until the problem gets a whole lot worse.

Why don’t we have a tune-up or oil change shop for recovery?  At Pavillon, we do.

You might not know this, but Pavillon has a 3 week Relapse Prevention Therapy program.  It’s for people in the first five years of recovery who need some therapeutic work.

Who is this 3 week program for?  It’s for those in recovery who:

  • Have not picked up yet, but are struggling in recovery
  • Have had a slip, but are not fully sick again

What does the 3 week Relapse Prevention Therapy program look at and work on?

  • Identifying our personal relapse warning signs
  • What makes those warning signs worse
  • How to redirect our recovery
  • How to gain momentum
  • How we can get in our way, and how we can help promote our own recovery

In order to enter the 3 week Relapse Prevention Therapy program, does the person have to have had a residential or outpatient treatment in the past?  The simple answer is “No.”  If they have been working a program and are struggling, this might be a fit – whether they have had some form of treatment or not.

Imagine a plane that is slowly losing altitude and gliding toward the ground.  Even in a gentle way.  The plane is flying in large looping circles, gliding toward a crash.  There is nowhere to land.  To the people outside on the ground, it may not look alarming.  Sometimes people in the first few years of recovery are maintaining sobriety, working a program, seeing an outpatient counselor, and are working with a Sponsor.  But they just can’t get much lift or change directions.  They need some work.

Surviving or thriving?  Hanging on?  Falling?  Need a tune-up – or is your recovery rising? Are you flourishing?  Sometimes we need to slow down and do some work to be our best version of our self – a healthy version – and take care of what is missing, or just “off”.