We are committed to serving the broader community as a source of support and education about alcohol use disorder and other addictions. As part of that commitment, we routinely host events, work with the community and publish reliable and timely information related to addiction, recovery, relapse, prevention and family services.

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The Alumni Reunion!

Pavillon’s annual alumni reunion is coming up soon!  Plan to attend! We’re back on campus this year.  This gives alumni and staff a chance to visit and connect in person, outside of the virtual world. For Pavillon staff, the alumni reunion has meant a great deal over the years.  Some of the things the reunion … Continued

Stigma, Addiction, and Addiction Recovery

When we get stigmatized by others, or by society, it hurts.  And it also hurts when we stigmatize ourselves. But what is “stigma?” Let’s look at 1.) a couple of definitions of stigma, 2.) how stigma can show itself, and also 3.) how recovery is an antidotefor stigma. First, some definitions. The Wikipedia definition of … Continued

Grief and Wellbeing in Addiction Recovery

Active alcoholism or addiction takes up time, energy, and resources. And so it brings losses and lost opportunities.  These losses might include:  friendships, trust, time, a job, etc. Active recovery takes up time, energy, and resources.  And it also brings losses. Loss of people, places, and things that contributed to our disease.  Loss of using … Continued

Living Well Through Outpatient Services!

Pavillon has provided outpatient services for decades.  Originally, the outpatient service was one small aftercare group for in-person attendees, located in Columbus, North Carolina. Currently, Pavillon has grown its outpatient programming to be a virtual service available and accessible across all of North and South Carolina.  And the programming includes the following options: Intensive Outpatient … Continued

Finding Comfort and Food in the Recovery Café

Guess what area of our organization rarely ever gets anything other than the highest compliments, most compliments, and there never seems to be anything to change or make better?  You guessed it – the kitchen staff, the kitchen/dining environment, and our food. Just before the end of their treatment stay, our patients have an exit … Continued

The Holidays and Wellbeing in Recovery

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” They say that Benjamin Franklin said that.  Well, no matter who said it first, that quote is very right – especially concerning the holidays and staying well in recovery. We often identify triggering situations with seeing someone actively using.  However, it’s not just the act … Continued

The Land as a Therapeutic Ingredient

Pavillon sits on just under 200 acres of incredible land – really incredible land.  Those who have been to the campus know this to be true.  People tell us over and over again that when they step onto the campus there is just something soothing about being here. The lay of the land, and its … Continued

The Beauty of Real Relief

At the start of our using we were just experimenting, or having fun, or finding something to do.  It wasn’t serious or anything important.  But some of us had some stuff inside that we brought with us to that first time.  And some of us found relief.  Even that first time. They say a rat … Continued

The Impact of Being in Community with Peers: Hope and Healing

When we hear about formal treatment programs for more serious substance problems, we often hear things getting highlighted like the qualifications of staff, their education, experience, credentials, length of service and so forth. What we don’t often hear is something that comes up repeatedly in exit interviews, satisfaction surveys and feedback forms:  the impact of … Continued

Nurses Are an Important Part of Hope and Healing

What’s the best remedy on your toughest day – the day you walk into a residential treatment program for alcohol or drug addiction? The literal people who are the nursing staff are the best remedy. You don’t have to take our word for it.  The best remedy is the same answer that keeps showing up … Continued