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“We spent millions of dollars developing a pen for the astronauts that would work in zero gravity… you know what the Russians did? They used a pencil!” ~Aaron Sorkin

– Michael R., alumni “The obvious eludes us.” ~Anonymous As an active alcoholic and addict, the obvious eluded me continually and repeatedly. To be honest, it still does from time to time. At least now, when I miss something that is right in front of me I’m able to re-chart my erroneous course and intentionally … Continued

“Trust God, Clean House, Help Others”

Skip W., Alumni As an addict the only thing I trusted was my addiction. I just wanted to stay high, enjoying the moment until I no longer could. Then what? I mean, come on! I didnt want some Higher Power to run my life. But then, I hadn’t done a great job, had I? TRUST GOD: … Continued

“Never miss a chance to say nothing.” ~Anonymous

Michael R., Alumni As is true with most of the quotes which open virtually all of my musings, there is an outer limit to their wisdom no matter how pithy or memorable they may sound at first. After all, if no one ever said anything during our Meetings they would come perilously close to becoming … Continued


– Bob Hennen, MS, LPC, LCAS In 1950 a French mountaineer named Maurice Herzog led an expedition to summit a mountain named Annapurna. Standing at 26,545 ft., Annapurna is the 10th tallest mountain in the world and was the first mountain over 8000 meters to be summited. This was an enormous feat, and has proven … Continued

One of the Greatest Gifts…

Michael R., alumni “I tend to worry too much about what other people think of me, until I’m reminded how few people actually do!” – Anonymous I remember very clearly the first time I was sitting in an AA Meeting and someone said, “what other people think of me is none of my business.” It … Continued