91% of residential patients reported remaining in recovery after 12 months.


Pavillon’s 6-week programs put time on your side. Time to tell your story, to heal, to address more than one addiction and be treated for co-occurring disorders. The element of time also allows us to customize your treatment for your sustained recovery. Incorporating the 12-Step principles, we carefully address your addiction in three ways:


  1. Unparalleled clinical expertise – You will be supported by an interdisciplinary clinical team of licensed professionals with medical and psychological expertise.
  2. Mind-body-spirit approach toward practical well-being – To establish a whole-person path to healing, we help you recognize and develop healthy mental and physical behaviors. Through self-discovery, forgiveness and daily effort, you can transform.
  3. Community support/ step-down programs – We encourage you or your loved one to participate in AA or NA programs and/or group or individual counseling as part of your discharge plan.

Pavillon’s average clinical team-to-patient ratio is 1:6, which can offer you one-on-one time with counselors and allow us to focus on all aspects of your care.


Discover Pavillon’s Treatment Programs

There are many factors that make your road to recovery your very own: your background, gender, age, family history, lifestyle, job, academic history and more. This is why we’ve created treatment programs to help you face your addiction in your current situation, work for optimal results and establish your plan of recovery. Our programs include:

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  • Detox If needed, we can safely detox you from alcohol or other substances in our medically supervised detox center. Our medically managed withdrawal process is staffed by RN’s 24 hours per day, all year-round. Read About Detox
  • Primary Treatment Our 6-week program provides time to begin clearing, healing, and make important changes while learning how to live free of substances. Learn to see, recognize, and understand your addiction then change direction… Explore Primary Treatment
  • Women’s ProgramOur women’s program focuses on healing relationships, self-care and support centered around the family system. Get Program Details
  • Men’s ProgramOur men’s program focuses on addressing concerns about and finding balance between recovery and education, work, career, partner relationship and family life. Learn About the Men’s Program
  • Young Men’s ProgramOur young men’s program helps look at developing autonomy and having fun while also addressing life choices around topics like education, work/career, and where to live. Find Out More
  • Professionals ProgramProvides treatment for public safety-sensitive professionals (those working in medicine, law, etc.) and other major professionals (executives, academics, business owners, etc.). Discover the Program
  • Extended Care Specifically designed to address the therapeutic needs beyond the basics of understanding and transitioning into recovery. Usually follows a primary treatment (residential or IOP). Learn About Extended Care
  • Family Program This program can be attended by anyone with an interest in that program’s education and process related to understanding addiction illness, the family system in that context, and everyone’s personal well-being. Start Here
  • Outpatient ServicesWe offer a range of outpatient services that include: an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), aftercare groups that focus on recovery management, and specialized assessments for certain licensed professionals (nurses, pharmacy technicians, etc.). Find Outpatient Care