The Alumni Reunion!

Pavillon’s annual alumni reunion is coming up soon!  Plan to attend!

We’re back on campus this year.  This gives alumni and staff a chance to visit and connect in person, outside of the virtual world.

For Pavillon staff, the alumni reunion has meant a great deal over the years.  Some of the things the reunion means to us are found in the energy and vitality that the alumni bring to campus.  When alumni come back it’s a chance for the staff to witness the power of recovery in alumni living and thriving in the world.  Seeing alumni doing well reminds staff of the impact they make on people and reiterates that recovery is possible.

For Pavillon alumni, the reunion has also meant a great deal over the years.  The alumni get a chance to see familiar staff and alumni from when they were here.  They also get a chance to build connections with other alumni they haven’t met.  When they do form those connections, it’s like they automatically relate to them – as if they are already familiar and liked.  Why is that?  It’s the shared experience of what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now – even years and years on into life.

Some alumni find that returning for the reunion is grounding.  For them it was a way of wrapping up a struggle, getting support from staff and other alumni, and getting a boost of community and spirituality – getting back on track.

Reunion is all about coming together, reminiscing with others, and sharing our strength and hope. The reunion is about celebrating the progress of recovery, and honoring lives.  It’s all about seeing the promises of recovery coming true in our own lives and those around us.  It’s a time to be refreshed in the group unity that gives us so much strength.

The alumni reunion is a great time of year and we hope to see you there!

Feel free to email to get more information.