The Impact of Being in Community with Peers: Hope and Healing

When we hear about formal treatment programs for more serious substance problems, we often hear things getting highlighted like the qualifications of staff, their education, experience, credentials, length of service and so forth. What we don’t often hear is something that comes up repeatedly in exit interviews, satisfaction surveys and feedback forms:  the impact of … Continued

Nurses Are an Important Part of Hope and Healing

What’s the best remedy on your toughest day – the day you walk into a residential treatment program for alcohol or drug addiction? The literal people who are the nursing staff are the best remedy. You don’t have to take our word for it.  The best remedy is the same answer that keeps showing up … Continued

Some Extra Attention for Hope and Healing

When we’re driving our car and it starts making funny noises, or starts shaking pretty bad, we shouldn’t just keep going and never take the car in. We take the car in and get it worked on to prevent something worse. Taking the car in does require some time and effort.  But it takes a … Continued

Hope and Healing from Housekeeping!!!

Can you name the one department at Pavillon that patients and staff say they appreciate and value the most?  The one that supports and encourages?  The one that is the most positively infectious and lifts others?  The one recognized by all staff in all departments as the one that’s full of super-positive energy, love, compassion, … Continued

The Labyrinth and Our Opportunity for Hope and Healing

Many cultures have created and used labyrinths over the long course of human history.  Farther back in history, they were used to help people connect and re-connect with the earth.  They were located outdoors. Later on in history, some faith communities have used them to help the person get close to their Higher Power, or … Continued

Hope and Healing for Family Members

Are you having a hard time with a loved one who is experiencing problems with substance use?  Are you struggling to stay well and be your best version of yourself, while someone close to you is using alcohol or other chemicals?  Do you have a hard time maintaining healthy boundaries?   Attending the Pavillon Family … Continued

Pavillon Appoints Barbara Bennett As New CEO

The Pavillon substance use disorder treatment center in Mill Spring, North Carolina, is pleased to announce the appointment of Barbara Bennett as their new CEO. Prior to this position, Ms. Bennett served Pavillon for the last nine years as COO.   Ms. Bennett is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) in North Carolina and is … Continued


We are celebrating our 25th anniversary with a spotlight on what makes us so different and successful. Then, we realized that we’ve never shared the history of Pavillon.   For example, did you know that Pavillon is much older than 25 years? It’s true! Pavillon was an established addiction treatment center in Canada long before … Continued

Tips for Working Your Recovery During the Holidays

It’s colder and the days are shorter, which means it’s easier to stay home. We get that. But it’s vital to stay social and keep working your recovery every day. As we approach the holidays with COVID restrictions in place, making a plan, doing your best to not be isolated and staying on a daily … Continued