Self- Care Retreat on Burnout and Stress

One of the greatest health issues plaguing our society, identified by the World Health Organization as “the biggest health epidemic of the 21st century” is stress leading to burnout. It is believed to cost Americans up to $300 billion per year in healthcare costs, both personal and business. It impacts every part of your physical, social, psychological, and spiritual self and can have dramatic effects. With the right tools, some simple movement and mindful strategies, one has the power to greatly decrease the negative effects of stress and improve personal health, happiness and well-being.

Join us for a one-day workshop at Pavillon to look at and learn coping skills to make life fuller and more meaningful. This workshop is available to all Healthcare Providers and Teachers that live or work in Polk County, NC at no cost.

Our Saturday retreats start at 9am and end at 4pm. Lunch is included. Retreats are scheduled once a month until August, 2024. Please call 828-694-2300 or email for more information. Retreats are held on the Pavillon campus, 241 Pavillon Place, Mill Spring, NC. These retreats are made possible by the generous support of the Carolina Foothills Foundation.

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