Our outpatient programs can help you strike the balance between getting the dedicated professional help you need and maintaining a life and work schedule. The goal is to help you integrate a practical recovery program into your daily life by combining the convenience of weekly outpatient services with Pavillon’s dedicated approach to ongoing recovery efforts. 

Greenville Office

Pavillon’s outpatient substance use disorder treatment programs do not require that the individual be confined to a treatment center or hospital for supervised care. This allows the individual to lessen the impact on their work and home life. Throughout the program, our clinical and medical staff help individuals learn how to:

  • Live free from drug and alcohol abuse
  • Improve the quality of their relationships
  • Integrate recovery tools into their daily living
  • Obtain a more balanced lifestyle
  • Become part of a local, thriving recovery community
  • Return and re-integrate into the community as a healthy, vibrant member

We also encourage families to participate in our outpatient programs through Pavillon’s Family Program. For more information about the Family Program, call 828-694-2300, ext. 182.

Let Us Tailor a Financial Plan for You

Pavillon works with all insurance companies—in-network or out-of-network—to maximize your reimbursement. We start before the admissions process with insurance verification, and we keep working until every claim has been filed and resolved, well after you have completed your program.

Pavillon Insurance Affiliations:

  • Greenville Outpatient Services is in network with Aetna, BCBS, Cigna and United Healthcare
  • Pavillon by the Sea is in network with Aetna, BCBSNC and Cigna

There is a financial agreement based on the estimated out-of-pocket cost. The client is responsible for any non-covered services. The insurance companies pay claims directly to us, unless filed as out of network, then it goes to the client.

Explore Outpatient Services

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For more information, call 828-694-2300 or email bobh@pavillon.org.