How Long Is a Residential Treatment Program and Why?

“There was a significant relationship between the number of days spent in clinically managed residential treatment and abstinence such that the more days participants spent in clinically managed residential treatment, the more likely they were to be abstinent at the 12-month follow-up.” 

From National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (2019) Addiction Treatment Providers Outcomes – Pilot Program Final Report

Residential treatment programs vary in terms of length and services. Most programs range from 30 days or less, and in some cases, offering a step down to a less intensive level of care. 

Six-week residential treatment program

At Pavillon, we understand there are many types of addiction treatment and, while there is no standard length of treatment, we believe a 6-week residential program is more effective than programs of shorter length. As such, Pavillon offers a 6-week residential treatment program that puts time on your side. It gives you time to settle in, tell your story, heal and address your addiction. This essential element of time also allows us to customize your treatment for lasting recovery.

Pavillon’s residential treatment program provides 24-hour intensive care for those struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. This on-site, around-the-clock care includes individual and group sessions with specialized clinicians to help you:

When you’re ready to take the first step toward lasting recovery, we’re here. We’ve created unique and effective treatment programs to help you face your addiction in your current situation, work for optimal results and establish your custom treatment plan. Start on your path to freedom from addiction today by calling 828-268-3945.