“Trust God, Clean House, Help Others”

Skip W., Alumni

As an addict the only thing I trusted was my addiction. I just wanted to stay high, enjoying the moment until I no longer could. Then what? I mean, come on! I didnt want some Higher Power to run my life. But then, I hadn’t done a great job, had I?

TRUST GOD: I still had a wonderful wife, three great daughters so maybe it was time I trusted someone greater than me. I went into treatment and found I needed God, my Higher Power to guide me. For me, trust meant just doing the right thing. That was what God wanted in my life. Pretty simple, huh? But not easy! Sometimes I dont want to do the right thing and then trouble begins. I have since learned to trust My Higher Power as much as I can. Things work out better when I do.

CLEAN HOUSE: I was carrying a lot of baggage with much guilt and resentment thrown in. I not only had skeletons in my closet, they rattled when I walked by. Working with my sponsor on Steps 4 through 9, I managed to finally find peace in my life, to forgive others and be forgiven (mostly) and to forgive myself. I was willing to make amends to those i harmed (including myself) and that’s what mattered. Step 10 is my go to maintenance Step and helps clear things up before they fester. Remember… if I am wrong, PROMPTLY ADMIT IT.

HELP OTHERS: Simply put…TO KEEP IT, I HAVE TO GIVE IT AWAY. This is a unique and awesome aspect of recovery. Helping others shows me where I’ve been and where I dont want to go back. I must work the program of recovery daily to stay well. It is truly an oxymoron but it sure works.