Pavillon Outpatient Services at Pavillon offers programming that allows you to get the care you need to maintain recovery from substance use disorder, and to do it while continuing to live at home, participate with your family, and remain at work. 

To address your needs, we offer confidential, comprehensive, and individualized care. Our outpatient services are appropriate for those who have enough support to maintain sobriety while seeking treatment. 

Woman participating in therapy session

All meetings and counseling are now being offered virtually to ensure your safety during COVID-19. You can still expect the same benefits of the outpatient program with the exception of group outings. Don’t delay treatment that will help put you on the road to recovery.  

At Pavillon Outpatient Services, our Intensive Outpatient Program includes:

  • Individualized assessment
  • Day and evening programming
  • Individual and group counseling based on your needs and treatment plan
  • Family education group
  • Substance monitoring to increase accountability
  • Free alumni support group

Our other outpatient services include:

  • Assessment and referral to treatment
  • Healthcare professionals’ evaluation
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Relapse prevention group
  • Addiction psychiatry

Partnering with You to Empower Lifelong Sobriety and Recovery

Recovery from substance use disorder is a personal and often a long, difficult journey. This makes it essential to partner with a treatment program that’s dedicated to—and solely focused on—giving you the care, tools and resources you and your family need to achieve and sustain lifelong recovery. 

Dedicated to Working with Your Insurance Provider

We work with all health insurance providers to make treatment as affordable as possible.

To find out more about outpatient treatment for substance use disorder at Outpatient Services, call 828-694-2300