Healing Scars…

– Rusty, Pavillon Alumni

Looking at my aging hands and arms I was noticing my many scars. Scars. They are memories of the process of healing. We all have them. Some of our scars come from games played in our youth, accidents, medical conditions, surgeries, and wars. Some are etched in our minds and hearts from the traumas, abuse, hurts, and disappointments that life has provided us. Whether they are obvious or hidden, physical, emotional, or spiritual – scars are the road maps that tell the story of our life’s journey.

My emotional scars remind me of the amends I have made to those I have harmed. While it is not pleasant to revisit these wounds – it is important to realize the hurt that caused it and the healing that may take place.

Reflection on my scars continues in my recovery mission. I try to take time to seek restoration for my life, to evaluate, take stock of my spiritual condition, and realign my journey. The scars remind me that I am forever marked by my acts of love, mercy, and forgiveness of myself and from others and to follow the direction of my Higher Power.

As part of my healing process I may visit the past, but it is important that it is just a temporary stay. I need to live in the moment as that is where my spirituality resides.