Everything in its time…

-KW, Alumni

“A Time for Everything, and Everything in its Time” (Solomon)

Purportedly, Solomon was the wisest human to ever walk the face of this earth up until this world introduced us to rehab graduates. Almost everyone, including myself came out of treatment wanting to become a therapist, author, speaker, sponsor, CEO, paradigm shifter, celebrity, billionaire or whatever esteemed career we failed to be in our drunken stupor. Begrudgingly, I almost forgot one aspiring occupation – SOBER. But “sober” doesn’t sound as much fun as the others!

Although some of the examples above are far-fetched, it is true that we want to become better at life after we give up our addictions. Feeling the handcuffs being removed (sometimes literally) gives us new perspectives and we want to show society that we have, in fact, changed for the better. The value of gaining a new outlook is priceless until we impose time frames on how and when it will make living easier. Often, we reflect on the difficulties of life in our addiction but fail to remember it took us a long time to destroy ourselves to the point we had to get help. So therefore, we must all remember, miracles in recovery typically happen at times when we least expect them.

The most dangerous times in my own recovery occurred when I tried to work things out before their time had come. It is impossible to count all of my thwarted plans, but the misery that followed is now easy to see. It was a life which only knew words like “try harder,” “it’s up to you,” “make it happen or else”, “you better die trying” – everything was up to me. Nobody ever said, “Hey, why don’t you stop trying and start Trusting?”

Who can I trust? After trying all sorts of strategies, I finally have chosen to completely trust my Higher Power. He has taught me to accept the limitations of living one day at a time. When something comes my way, I can ask Him whether or not it is part of today’s plan. If it isn’t, I can release it to His care….living this way sober simplifies this very complicated world that we all need to survive.

Thanks Sol!