We experience many losses throughout our lives. Grief is the human response to loss and provides us a way to heal from loss. If that healing is interrupted it can lead to unresolved grief, which can create a long-term unhealthy state of being and become a source of relapse potential, especially for those in early recovery.

Those caught in the grip of substance use disorder are often not fully aware of the impact various events in their lives can have. This sometimes prevents them from seeking a healthy resolution to issues they may be facing.

Active substance use disorder can block healthy grieving, leading to unresolved grief. There are also many losses directly related to substance use disorder such as loss of self, employment/career, relationships/marriage, direction for the future, relationship with HP / spiritual center, and loss of the substance(s).

The loss and grief care service addresses both previously unresolved losses and those losses directly resulting from substance use disorder. The goal is to help those in the midst of loss develop a healthy path through their grief, encouraging them to find healing and peace.

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